EIT – 2022


Q.1) (a) Does Java support multi way selection statement? Justify your answer. (05)
(b) Create a class with one integer instance variable. Initialize the variable using: (10)
(i) Default constructor.
(ii) Parameterized constructor.

Q.2) (a) What is package? How do we add a class or an interface to a package? Discuss the various levels of access protection available for packages and their implementation? (10)

(b) Explain how exception handling mechanism can be used for debugging a program. (05)


Q.3) (a) What is Applet? Explain different types of Applets? Explain Life Cycle of an Applet in Java with suitable example. (10)
(b) Why creating a subclass of Frame is preferred over creating an instance of Frame hen creating a window? (05)

Q.4) (a) What is Swing? How do we use containers and components through Swing? (07)
(b) What is the significance of Layout Managers? Discuss briefly various Layout Managers. (08)


Q.5) (a) What is Servlet? Explain its life cycle. (10)
(b) Explain GET and POST method for Servlets. (05)

Q.6) (a) Write the steps to create and run servlet program. Explain with example. (08)
(b) Explain following with example: (07)
(i) Cookies.
(ii) Session Tracking.


Q.7) (a) Define JDBC and mention the steps involved in JDBC connectivity. Discuss the four types of JDBC driver with suitable diagrams. (10)
(b) How does a Hash map handle collisions in JAVA. (05)

Q.8) (a) Discuss various types of statements available in SQL. (07)
(b) Write a program in Java to retrieve database using resultset interface. (08)

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