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Database Management Systems (DBMS)

Solution of all Four Units

We have prepared topic-wise solutions for all four units of the Database Management Systems (DBMS) subject of the 3rd year B.Tech CSE course of Kurukshetra University. This will help students to study well and prepare for their exams at the top level.

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KUK Btech CSE Solution


Relational Model: Structure of relational Databases,     Relational Algebra and Relational Calculus,      Operations on Relational Algebra,      Operations on Relational Calculus,      Tuple Relational Calculus,      Domain Relational Calculus.

SQL and Integrity Constraints: Concept of DDL, DML, DCL.      Basic Structure,       Set operations,      Aggregate Functions,      Null Values,      Domain Constraints,      Referential Integrity Constraints,      assertions,      Introduction to views,      Querying,       Nested Sub queries,      Database security application development using SQL,      Stored procedures and triggers.


Relational Database Design: Functional Dependency,      Different anomalies in designing a Database,      Normalization using functional dependencies,      Decomposition,      Boyce-Codd Normal Form,      3NF,      Normalization using multi-valued dependencies,      4NF,      5NF.

Internals of RDBMS: Physical data structures,      Query optimization: join algorithm,      statistics and cost base optimization.       Transaction processing,      Concurrency control and Recovery Management: transaction model properties,      state serializability,      lock base protocols,      two phase locking. 


Recovery System:      Types of Failures,      Recovery Techniques,      ARIES.

Concurrency Control: Serial and Serializable Schedules-Conflict Serializability – Enforcing Serializability by Locks-Locking Systems with Several Lock Modes-Concurrency Control by Timestamps,      validation.

Transaction Management: ACID Properties,      Transaction states,      Serializability and Recoverability-View,      Serializability-Resolving Deadlocks-Distributed Databases: Commit and Lock

How we made this DBMS syllabus solution

In-Depth Research and Expertise: Our team of dedicated educators and subject matter experts has conducted extensive research on the Database Management Systems (DBMS) syllabus, as prescribed by Kurukshetra University. With years of experience, we have garnered profound insights into the core concepts of the curriculum, enabling us to craft a course tailored to the specific needs of B.Tech 2nd-year students.

Systematic Approach: Acknowledging the challenges that students may encounter, we have adopted a systematic approach to structuring the course content. The material is presented in a logical sequence, empowering learners to establish a robust foundational understanding before delving into more advanced facets of the subject. This approach ensures that each concept is introduced in a comprehensible manner.

Real-Life Applications: Understanding the significance of hands-on knowledge, our course integrates real-life examples and case studies. By elucidating how Database Management Systems (DBMS) principles are employed across diverse industries and technologies, our goal is to establish a stronger connection between the subject matter and your future pursuits.

Regular Updates: In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, we are dedicated to maintaining the currency of our course content. As new developments and breakthroughs unfold, we are committed to furnishing our students with access to the latest information and industry-relevant best practices, ensuring a learning experience that remains pertinent

How It's Going to be Useful for You

Comprehensive Coverage: Our DBMS course spans all key aspects of the subject, encompassing each essential unit. Whether you aim to brush up on specific units or build a strong foundation from scratch, Learn Loner presents a comprehensive educational package.

Clarity of Concepts: Recognizing the potential complexity of DBMS, we've meticulously crafted our course content to prioritize clarity. Intricate topics are deconstructed into easily digestible segments, ensuring a clear understanding and fostering your confidence in grasping these concepts.

Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills: Proficiency in DBMS hinges on adept problem-solving abilities, and our course is structured to refine this critical skill. Through an array of practical exercises and illustrative examples, you'll cultivate the prowess to tackle intricate scenarios adeptly.

Effective Exam Readiness: Our DBMS course equips you to excel in your B.Tech 2nd Year exams. Tailored practice tests and simulated exam environments bolster your preparation, instilling the self-assurance required to excel in the actual assessments.

Flexibility and Convenience: Learn Loner stands as a paragon of flexible learning, accommodating your pace and preferences. Regardless of whether you're a full-time student or juggling multiple commitments, our course seamlessly adapts to your schedule.

Lifetime Access: Enrolling in our DBMS course guarantees a lifetime of access to the course material. This perpetual accessibility empowers you to revisit the content whenever necessitated, be it for a knowledge refresher or a review of specific topics.

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